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Dental Health Faculty Guide

This guide is intended primarily for faculty associated with the Dental Health programs at UMA - Bangor.

How do I find books?

How do I order or request a book in URSUS?

For University of Maine System students, books found in URSUS may be ordered directly with your library card using the "Request" bar. See directions below.

1. When you're looking at an individual book, video, or other item, you'll see a button that says "Request" at the top of the page. Click on it.

2. You will be prompted for:
-- your name (as it appears on your ID card)
-- library barcode (put it in with no spaces)
-- Pickup location (can be any campus, site, or center, including UMA Bangor).

3. Then click on the button that says “Submit.”

4. You will get a confirmation that says “Your request was successful.”  If you don't see this, you need to retrace your steps to see what you've missed, or possibly try again.

Browsing our shelves

To browse dental books on the shelf, look for the following call numbers:

QM535 Head, Neck, Dental Anatomy

RC 815 Oral Pathology

RK 1-54 General Works on Dentistry

RK 55 Pediatric and Geriatric Dentistry

RK 60 Dental Hygiene, Dental Assisting, Preventive Dentistry

RK 280 Oral and Dental Anatomy and Physiology

RK 281 Dentistry & Nutrition

RK 301-493 Oral and Dental Medicine, Pathology, Diseases

RK 501-519 Operative Dentistry

RK 520-528 Orthodontics

RK 529-535 Oral Surgery

RK 641-667 Prosthetic Dentistry, Prosthodontics

RK 701 Dental Pharmacology

RS Pharmacy