DEA 253 - Dental Health Education

This guide is designed to help students in DEA 253.

Quick Dental Article Search

What are Indexes & Databases?

When librarians talk about indexes and databases, we usually mean tools that help you find articles.

A periodical index is a list of articles from journals and magazines. People use them to find articles listed by author(s), title, or subject(s) of the articles.

Sometimes indexes are called periodical databases when they're online, especially when they carry the full text of some or all of the articles that they list.

We have posted a long list list of all the indexes and databases available to UMA students.

Indexes & Databases

You can use any of the six databases below to find scholarly journal articles, but our library session will focus on the use of Dental and Oral Sciences Source.  

Accessing the Library Online from Home

To access library resources from home you will need to login, or authenticate, into the library system. The library is required to verify that you are a student, faculty, or staff member with your login. You may either login using your username and password, OR with your last name and library card number. Login: Your information is the same username and password you use to access the UMA portal, Brightspace/Brightspace, MaineStreet, and other University resources.

URSUS Library Login: Library card/student ID/barcode numbers must be current and activated with the library in order for this option to work.

This is an IMAGE ONLY, showing the screen and instructions that will appear when you are using the library online: