HTY 341: History of American Slavery

Outline for History-related Classification System

At UMA we use the Library of Congress (LC) classification system. The system uses both letters and numbers to organize books by topic or subject, and the categories related to History are listed here:

D History (General)
DA Great Britain
DAW Central Europe
DB Austria - Liechtenstein - Hungary - Czechoslovakia
DC France - Andorra - Monaco
DD Germany
DE Greco-Roman World
DF Greece
DG Italy - Malta
DH Low Countries - Benelux Countries
DJ Netherlands (Holland)
DJK Eastern Europe (General)
DK Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics - Poland
DL Northern Europe. Scandinavia
DP Spain - Portugal
DQ Switzerland
DR Balkan Peninsula
DS Asia
DT Africa
DU Oceania (South Seas)
DX Romanies
E 11-143 America
E 151-909 United States
F 1-975 United States local history
F 1001-1145.2 British America (including Canada)
F 1170 French America
F 1201-3799 Latin America. Spanish America

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