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Make Me Well Make Me Well explores why some people choose alternative over traditional medicine and interviews patients and practitioners about their experiences with Chinese medicine, vitamin infusions, homeopathy, health optimization programs, Emotional Freedom Technique, leech therapy, and other complementary methods.

East/West Medicine A short film that looks at the ancient art of touch therapy called Reiki. Reiki dates back 2,500 years and is gaining wide acceptance as a healing agent that anyone can do.

The New Medicine Explores a burgeoning movement taking place in hospitals and clinics across the country: integrating the best of high-tech medicine with a new attitude that recognizes it is essential to the healing process to treat the patient as a whole person, and not a cog in an assembly line.

Raising Happy, Healthy Kids  Features a naturopathic physician in Vermont, as well as the director for the Center for Holistic Pediatrician Education and Research at Children's Hospital in Boston.

Tell Me Where it Hurts Varied approaches to contemporary pain management have much more to say then the old cliché, "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning." Helping people with chronic or debilitating pain is now a multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach. When conventional treatments fail, alternative therapies such as acupuncture, bio feedback, chiropractic, and emotional processing are integrated. Although we can be conditioned to want instant pain relief, we also learn about the value of strengthening and maintaining our whole system through integrative pain medicine. Dr. Howard Torman hosts.

The Healing Road: The Native American Tradition Native American Indians have suffered violence for centuries. This film helps address the issue of multicultural healing. Native American practitioners raise questions about the appropriateness of current theoretical approaches. Historical trauma, intergenerational post-traumatic stress, and the Soul Wound are concepts that will change the ways students and professionals consider treatment. Community action and prevention are central to this innovative approach to individual, family, and group work.

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