Veterinary Technology

A research guide for students enrolled in Veterinary Technology at UMA - Bangor.

New Books!


All of the books in the library are shelved by call number -- this keeps books on similar topics together.  Most of the books needed for the Vet Tech program can be found under the SF call numbers on the shelves.  Most of these books can be found at the Nottage Library in Belfast Hall on the Bangor campus.

Also -- don't just browse the shelves!  We are starting to collect e-books that you can find in the catalog (URSUS) but not (obviously) on the shelves.  The perfect book on your topic may be available as an e-book, so check the catalog.

The SF section is broken into two major sections, one focusing on animals (general information) and the other on veterinary medicine specifically.  For this reason, books about horses can be found in two different locations.  Below is a list of subject areas and an alphabetical list of general topics and then call numbers associated with those topics:

  • General Reference, Textbooks:
    • SF 1-113
    • SF 600-750
  • Veterinary Medical Ethics
    • SF 756.39
  • Veterinary Pain Management
    • SF 910-914
  • Veterinary Parasitology
    • SF 810
  • Veterinary Pharmacology
    • SF 915-919
  • Veterinary Preclinical Sciences (including animal behavior, anatomy, immunology)
    • SF 756.5-769.5
  • Specific Animals
    • Cats
      • SF 441-450
      • SF 981-992
    • Cattle
      • SF 191-275
    • Dogs
      • SF 421-440.2
      • SF 981-992
    • Exotic Animals, Birds, Rabbits
      • SF 994-992.5
    • Horses
      • SF 277-360
      • SF 951-959
    • Lab Animals
      • SF 405.5-407
    • Small Animal
      • SF 421-455
      • SF 981-992

Don't hesitate to call the Nottage Library at 207-262-7900 to ask for help finding books on veterinary medicine and animals in general.

Books - where & how to find them


Search for articles (across multiple databases), books, and more--all at once! What is OneSearch?

URSUS : Use the URSUS catalog to find physical books and online books in the Libraries, the University of Maine System, and beyond. If you wish, you can limit your search by using the left side-bar options. Some options include Library Location, online only, by date, eBooks, and videos. Further down on the left are links to MaineCat and WorldCat. By clicking these, your search will be performed in those resources.

MaineCat : If you don't find what you need using URSUS, then try Mainecat which contains books from all over Maine.

WorldCat : If no library in Maine owns the book, try searching the worldwide library catalog: WorldCat. Items found in WorldCat may be requested with Interlibrary Loan. This provides access to millions of items outside the state of Maine. Please plan ahead - shipments for items outside of Maine can be a week or more, depending on the location of the lending library.

First Time Users - Create an ILL Account
Go to our ILL System and click the link that says "Create an Account."

  • Enter all information requested.
  • Click “Submit Information” at the bottom of the page to complete your registration.

Requesting books from other libraries

You may order available items from URSUS with your library card (UMA ID card) using the Request button.

  1. Click the title of the book to see the complete description.

  2. At the top of the page, click the red check mark with the word Request.You will be prompted for:

  3. --  (for example, "Smith")
  4. -- (card numbers start with "25022...") 
  5. -- Pickup Location (Campus, Center, or Delivery Site
  6. Click Submit.
  7. You will see a confirmation: Your request has been successful.
  8. You will receive notification (by email or text message) when the item is available for pickup.

Most books are loaned for 28 days and may be returned at the nearest campus, site, or center. Many items may be renewed online by logging in to My library account

Seeing an error message? Need to activate your library card for borrowing? Contact UMA Libraries for help!