BUA 243 - Forming the Small Business

General Small Business Resources

Small Business Administration  Official site of the U.S. SBA.

Yahoo Finance  A broad range of links to business info on the web.

Internet Business Resources  A Library Of Congress site with links to a variety of business-related internet guides. 

Bizlink.org  An online business resource devised by the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

CNNMoney.com  News specific to small businesses.

Demographics and statistics

Census Information -- Business and Industry  From the United States Census Bureau

County Business Patterns Annual Census Bureau series that provide economic data by industry 

Bureau of Economic Analysis U.S. Dept of Commerce site provide up-to-date statistics about the U.S. economy

U.S. Population projections - national and state projections for several decades into the future 

Maine-specific Resources

New England Economic Indicators - Federal Reserve Bank of Boston provides economic data on the region and individual states

USDA Economic Research Service - State fact sheet for Maine

Starting a business in Maine  - one-stop shopping for Maine-based business start-up info