Open Educational Resources (OER)

A guide for faculty to identify, evaluate, and implement Open Educational Resources (OER) in UMA courses

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Open Educational Resources - OER Diversity with rainbow colors by Lane Community College - via flickrOpen Educational Resources (OER) are defined as freely available educational materials that are either in the public domain or have been created with an open license (for example Creative Commons-see tab FMI) which makes the materials available in terms of the "5R's" Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix, and Redistribute. They can be in many mediums including digital.


OER include physical & digital learning materials such as:
  • modules
  • games
  • lectures
  • syllabi
  • homework assignments
  • simulations
  • quizzes
  • open textbooks
  • lab activities
  • full courses

While free and open resources are great, it is quality that is most important. The resources in this guide have been vetted by UMA librarians and are the most reputable OER sources currently available.  The field continues to grow quickly; this guide will be updated frequently to reflect expanding resources.

OER offers a solution to the ever increasing cost of textbooks to our students and their already overburdened educational budget. To help meet the need, UMA Libraries offers this guide to assist faculty in finding, evaluating and using OER resources which will meet curriculum objectives and save students the cost of high priced textbooks.

Other OER Research Guides

Open Educational Resources (OER) are online resources (textbooks, journal articles, etc.) that are freely accessible and openly licensed.  This guide provides information about resources that may be used by faculty members in addition to commercial textbooks.  (For more details about the related Textbook Alternative Program and its history at UMaine, visit this news item.)

By visiting the tabs..., you can access:

Open Textbook Resources:  Online libraries, databases, and websites that provide access to textbooks that are available for free access, use, and download.
Open Multimedia Education Resources:  Online databases and websites that contain multimedia content (interactive materials, quizzes, videos, video lectures) that can be used as course materials.
Other Open Online Resources:  Other online texts and multimedia that could be used in course materials.
Build Your Own:  Information and resources that could be helpful in creating one's own material to replace a textbook.

You will find the following: 

You can find a list of example OER LibGuidesor use SPARC's "Connect OER" to discover OER activities.

Just Ask. We'll Help!

Please contact UMA Librarians if you need assistance in finding OER resources for your course.