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Pivot is a tool from ProQuest that the University Maine System subscribes to. It is a funding aggregating database that contains entries for funding opportunities such as grants, fellowships, awards, and scholarships.

Pivot-RP Content

Pivot-RP is an online suite of tools for researchers and faculty that is accessible using a web browser. Pivot-RP provides research administrators, research development professionals, and individual faculty members quick and easy access to the right research opportunities, funding, and people. Pivot-RP provides global and local connections that strengthen research by exploring new avenues for funding and collaboration – for faculty, staff researchers, and graduate students.

Pivot-RP includes intelligent mapping features that expedite funding discovery, dissemination, and collaboration. With Pivot-RP, connecting the right opportunities with the right people is routine.

Pivot-RPĀ components

Funding Opportunities

Pivot-RP's main feature is connecting you with available funding opportunities. These opportunities include the sponsor, funding category (keywords), amount, application requirements and deadlines, and where to find more information.

Pivot-RP enables you to mark opportunities in order to track them. You can mark highly relevant opportunities, ones that you are actively dealing with, as active. Tracking an opportunity enables you to receive updates when the opportunity changes and to get personal reminders about the opportunity's deadlines.

You can also share opportunities, browse opportunities shared with you, and create alerts to be notified when new opportunities that match certain criteria are added to Pivot-RP.


Users and Profiles 

ProQuest Ex Libris maintains over 3 million faculty profiles created and maintained by our Editorial Team. A profile is associated with an institution, published papers, and funding opportunities. It is expected and recommended that Pivot-RP users also have profiles. When you first log in to Pivot-RP, you can either claim a profile as yours, if one already exists in Pivot-RP, or you can create a new profile. You can manage your own profile, or you can designate one or more other users to manage your profile; these users are known as profile proxies or just proxies.


Conferences and Papers Invited 

Pivot-RP's Conferences and Papers Invited® database is a comprehensive collection of calls for papers issued by professional bodies, journal editors, and other conference organizers in all academic disciplines from all over the world. This feature enables you to search for and identify upcoming conferences and special journal issues where you can present and publish your research.


Awarded Grants

Available to all Pivot-RP users, the Awarded Grants feature enables you to gain valuable insights by searching across millions of previously awarded grants from dozens of leading international funders. By seeing how much money was given out in the past and the sort of projects that were previously funded, you can more easily decide if you should apply for certain awards from specific funders.

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