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Pivot is a tool from ProQuest that the University Maine System subscribes to. It is a funding aggregating database that contains entries for funding opportunities such as grants, fellowships, awards, and scholarships.

Important Terminology

Term Description
Anticipated Deadline The expected last date to apply for a funding opportunity.
Deadlines  Return relative or absolute deadlines based on the current or a specified date. You can also select optional or continuous/undefined deadlines.
Funding Alert An email sent to remind a user about upcoming deadlines, or notify a user about recommended opportunities.
Funding Type The type of activity or activities a sponsor is willing to support for a particular funding opportunity. For example, equipment, award, or research. See Funding Types.
Funding Opportunity An opportunity to receive funding for research, a project, or another academic activity.
Internal Funding Opportunity A funding opportunity local to your institution and added by an administrator at your institution.
Limited Submission A funding opportunity that only accepts a limited number of applications/proposals.
Activity Location  Return only opportunities from a specific location, is unrestricted, or is unspecified. Note that an additional activity location restriction might appear at the top of the page.
Citizenship or Residency Return only opportunities available to citizens or residents of a specific location, is unrestricted, or is unspecified. Note that an additional citizenship or residency restriction might appear at the top of the page.
Papers Invited A collection of professional bodies, journal editors, and conference organizers actively seeking submissions.
Profile Collected information about a researcher and/or user.
Profile Proxy A user who is designated to manage another user's profile.
Profile Role A description of a user's role at an institution. Used for grouping users in some areas of Pivot-RP.
Saved Search A dynamic list of funding opportunities. The list presents the opportunities that match some search criteria, so the matching opportunities may change every time you access the list.
Sponsor An entity that provides a funding opportunity.
User A Pivot-RP user. A user is assumed to be a researched interested in funding opportunities and/or an administrator.
Artistic Pursuit The presentation of artistic work, for example a performance, exhibit, or film or video production.
Collaboration or Cooperative Agreement Any collaborative activity between people working at two or more institutions or in two or more disciplines.
Contract or Tender An agreement to conduct a specific project or task with stated outcomes (as opposed to a general research effort or program development).
Dissertation or Thesis Research or other activities related to the completion of a doctoral dissertation or graduate thesis.
Equipment or Materials Acquisition or Facility Use The purchase or use of equipment, materials, or special facilities required to conduct research. Includes the purchase of computer equipment, payment for the use of a facility's telescope, leased time on a supercomputer, use of library facilities or special collections and use of art facilities (colonies, studios). 
Facility Construction or Operation Construct, remodel, or operate a facility.
Meeting or Conference or Seminar Either to attend or organize a meeting, conference, or seminar.
Postdoctoral Award  Individuals who have recently received PhDs to perform research or study, usually under the guidance of a mentor, but sometimes not in the humanities or social sciences.
Prize or Award In recognition of past or current accomplishments in the arts, sciences, or humanities.
Program or Curriculum Development or Provision  Develop or provide a program to benefit the public, or to develop or provide a curriculum, a course, or other types of training or instruction for the public or for those in a traditional educational setting.
Publishing or Editorial Journals, manuscripts, texts, documents, and translations of works.
Research  Activity that increases overall knowledge about a field.
Training or Scholarship or Fellowship  scholarships, internships, fellowships, or specialized training that advances the individual's knowledge of the area, not the area itself.
Travel Travel expenses arising from programs or activities such as (but not limited to) visiting lectureships or professorships, exchange programs, on-site observation, or research activities.
Visiting Personnel  Either to be or host a visiting expert.
Accessibility Statement
The University provides reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities upon request. Any person with a disability who needs accommodations for a workshop should contact UMA Libraries at to submit a request. Due to the lead-time needed to arrange certain accommodations, individuals should submit their request no later 1 week before the event.