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More on quantitative and qualitative methods

Qualitative v Quantitative Research

Qualitative Methods

Quantitative Methods

Methods: in-depth interviews, focus groups, review of documents for themes

Methods: surveys, structured observations and interviews, reviews of documents for numeric, quantifiable information

Process of taking in information to formulate a theory or hypothesis

Process of deducting to test pre-specified concepts, hypothesis and constructs that make up a theory

Subjective: form point of view of person experiencing it

Objective: based on observed effects (interpreted by rearchers) of a program on a condition or problem



In-depth information on a few cases

Breadth of information across a large number of cases

Open-ended response options

Fixed response options

No statistical tests

Statistical tests used for analysis

Can be valid and reliable: depends on skills and rigor of researcher

Can be valid and reliable: depends on measurement instrument used

Time effort: light planning; heavy anlysis

Time effort: heavy on planning; light analysis

Less generalizable

More generalizable

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Search terms

Qualitative research methods

When searching for qualitative studies, try adding these search terms.

Research methods: Observation, interview, grounded theory, experience
Study Types: Ethnography, phenomenology, biography
Data Analysis: Interrelationship, thematic

Quantitative research methodsQuantitative Research Methods

When searching for quantitative studies, try adding these search terms.

Research Methods: Validity, hypothesis, variable, intervention
Study Types: Clinical trial, experimental research, randomized control trial
Data Analysis: Descriptive statistics, e-test, ANOVA. 

Quantitative Research Search Terms

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