HGH 367 - Genocide in Our Time

This is the course guide for HGH 367

Musical Resources for the Holocaust and other Genocides

From the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: "For many victims of Nazi brutality, music was an important means of preserving and asserting their humanity. Such music—particularly the topical songs—also serves as a form of historical documentation. Like 'audio snapshots,' these works offer a telling glimpse into the events and emotions that their creators and original audiences experienced firsthand."

 Armenian Genocide

Rwandan Genocide

  • From the Genocide Archive Rwanda: Listen to songs of anti-Tutsi propaganda that were sung by the Interahamwe militia and Hutu extremists, before and during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Please be aware that some audio recordings contain sensitive content.

Cambodian Genocide 

Darfur (Sudanese Genocide)

Rohingya Crisis

Music with Holocaust reflections

The following compositions are known to have been constructed, performed, and/or recorded in reflection of the Nazi Holocaust:

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