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Why use library databases? 

While our OneSearch searches pretty much all of our resources at once, our databases allow you to focus in on a specific discipline or subject. For example, if you want information on the psychological effects of working from home you can search a psychology database to get that specific perspective. 

Types of databases

Type Definition
Multi-disciplinary Multiple disciplines or subjects are covered in one database, multiple formats might be included (books, films, articles, images)
Disciplinary The database covers one discipline, may have multiple formats (articles, images, etc) but all content will be related to the specific discipline. 
Format Specific Could be multi-disciplinary or discipline-specific but all content will be in the same format (ex: streaming video)

Intro to our library databases

This video provides a brief orientation to using our databases.

CINAHL Plus Full Text

The video below provides an overview of searching the CINAHL Plus Full Text database. You can find CINAHL by clicking on the Databases link on the library homepage.



Accessibility Statement
The University provides reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities upon request. Any person with a disability who needs accommodations for a workshop should contact UMA Libraries at uma.library@maine.edu to submit a request. Due to the lead-time needed to arrange certain accommodations, individuals should submit their request no later 1 week before the event.