Justice Studies

A research guide for students enrolled in Justice Studies courses at UMA.


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Catalog: An in-depth examination of current issues in justice studies. Students will complete an original research project OR a traditional research paper . Students will also prepare a portfolio of their representative work in the required JUS courses which will include a reflection on the courses' role in the students' educational  development.

From Professor Crosby: This course is designed to teach students to reflect back on your learning experience within the Justice Studies program and prepare you for the future.  This course is set up to help students create a portfolio for your future endeavors, whether it be employment, graduate school, or law school.  Students will learn what type of career they would to pursue.  We will learn how to research a Periodical, correctly use citations within a APA format paper, how to write a Resume and Cover Letter, and how to prepare for a job interview.  You will learn how to research a current issue of your choice within the criminal justice system.  This will entail looking up (researching) the problem (issue) and finding statistical information about the problem and using this information to find a possible resolution to the problem.   

Accessibility Statement
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