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ILS 150 - Introduction to Reference Services & Materials


 The University of Maine System is pleased to offer a comprehensive online journal collection that includes magazine, professional, academic and newspaper articles.. With your Library card or Student or Faculty ID you can search for peer-reviewed or "scholarly"  or popular articles in the online full-text journal databases, in addition to news articles, industry publications, and much more. This online full-text content is identical to print, with many articles being available as PDF facsimiles as they appeared at the time of publishing in the print format.

How to obtain information from journals, magazines or Newspapers?


How do I access journal, magazine, or newspaper articles?

1. Visit the A-Z Database list‚Äč here in the library's Research Guides
2. Sort by Subject, Database type, or search for specific databases by name
3. If you are accessing the database from an off-campus location, you will be asked to log in with your username and password (which is the same password you use for the Portal, MaineStreet, Brightspace, or Gmail). A screenshot of this page is included below
4. Type your search terms into the search box, and look for options to access the resource in "Full text online" or "PDF Full Text"

Accessing Databases & Indexes from Home

To access library resources from home you will need to login, or authenticate, into the library system. The library is required to verify that you are a student, faculty, or staff member with your login. You may either login using your username and password, OR with your last name and library card number. Login: Your information is the same username and password you use to access the UMA portal, Brightspace/Brightspace, MaineStreet, and other University resources.

URSUS Library Login: Library card/student ID/barcode numbers must be current and activated with the library in order for this option to work.

This is an IMAGE ONLY, showing the screen and instructions that will appear when you are using the library online: