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ILS 150 - Introduction to Reference Services & Materials

How to find a book in URSUS

Where do I look for books?

URSUS is the book catalog of the University of Maine System libraries. Books can be ordered with your university library card and delivered to the UM System campus, center, or site where you are taking your classes or nationally if you are an out-of-state student.

1. Go to the Off-Campus Library Services homepage at:
2. Click on Mariner (Books, articles, and more)

3. Search the URSUS box for books or click on URSUS in the Quick Links list.

How do I order or request a book in URSUS? For University of Maine System distance students, books found in URSUS may be ordered directly with your library card using the "Request" box. See directions below.

1. From the list of titles, click on the title of the book to see the complete description of the book.

2. At the top of the page is a box with the word “Request” on it. Click on it.

3. You will be prompted for;
-- your name
-- library barcode (put it in with no spaces)
-- Campus, Center, or Site where you will pick the material up. (ex.
Sanford Center, Guilford Site) from the drop-down menu

4. Then click on the bar at the bottom that says: “Submit above information”

You will get a confirmation that says “Your request has been successful.”

Books are checked out to you for 28 days and mailed to the Center / Site that you indicated when ordering the book. You can renew them for two more weeks by calling our toll-free number, via our webpage (, or from the URSUS home page ( Click on “User Services.” The “Renew Materials” link is an option on the next screen.

Return books to your pick up location and the Center/Site will return them for you at no charge.

How long can I keep my loan books and can I get a renewal?

Books are loaned for four weeks with one two-week renewal possible if they have no other holds, have not been recalled, or have not been billed.

Renewals may be done online. Click on “View Your Record .”

Or, you can renew over the phone by giving your name, library barcode number, and list of titles needing renewals. The phone number is: 1-800-339-7323 (Maine only) or 1-888-266-4950 (National toll-free). After hours you can leave a phone message.

I tried to renew my books online, but I couldn't. What do I do now?

Some of the reasons that material cannot be renewed are:

1) On hold for another patron
2) Already overdue
3) Has already been renewed

Please call Off-Campus Library Services at 1-800-339-7323 (Maine toll-free) or 1-888-266-4950 (National toll-free) for assistance.

Can I renew my checked out items over the phone?

Absolutely! We can renew all of the books that you have from any of the University of Maine System libraries. Just call us between 8-5 Monday through Friday at:

1-800-339-7323 (Maine toll-free)
1-888-266-4950 (National toll-free)

How do I return the books I have when I am taking classes at a University Center or Site?

Books should be returned to staff at the University College Center or site on or before the due date for shipment back to the lending library. Staff there will return the books for you. There is no charge for this service.

Can't find the book you need in URSUS?

MaineCat is a statewide catalogue that combines and links collections for most of Maine’s libraries. You can request materials outside of the University of Maine system with your University library card from the MaineCat libraries. They will be delivered to the University of Maine campus, Center, or site where you are taking your class.

Through MaineCat, you can directly request books from all over the state from both public and private libraries and pick them up at the Campus Library, University College Center or the University Site of your choice, usually within 3-5 business days.