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Copyright - UMA & OCLS: Reserves

E-Reserves Access

The following rules will apply with regard to electronic reserves:

  • Articles, book chapters and class notes may be put on e-reserve; entire books cannot
  • The first time an article (or book chapter) goes on reserve, it is not necessary to obtain permission; if the same article will be used in subsequent semesters, materials must be analyzed using Fair Use Guidelines.
  • Materials provided by faculty are sent back to them once the page is created.


About course reserves, e-reserves, and coursepacks

UMA & OCLS: Fair Use vs. CONFU

The libraries of the University of Maine at Augusta approach e-reserves from a Fair Use guidelines framework.  The alternative, called "CONFU" (after the Conference on Fair Use, comprised of librarians, publishers and academic faculty met to propose guidelines specific to e-reserves), is not used at UMA.  Instead, we observe a more recent document endorsed by our professional organization, the American Library Association.

What does this mean for e-reserves? What about coursepacks?

Instead of a black and white, predetermined approach, we choose to exercise our Fair Use rights to the fullest extent of the law.  That means that sometimes we go through a lengthier process to determine if the items being put on e-reserve are being used appropriately--we may have to ask that you put some materials into coursepacks, where students will have to pay for the prints from the bookstore.  

How will I know if it's a coursepack vs. e-reserve type of item?

With sufficient notice, we are happy to do the analysis for you in time to place Library E-Reserves into your Bs course, with the full-text of the documents you request.  We can also help begin the coursepack process if necessary, and will keep you informed in a timely, efficient manner regarding any changes.  

Please read about the library's transition away from the ARES course e-reserve system:

‚ÄčThe UMA Libraries are will no longer be using ARES e-reserve system.  For faculty choosing to use e-reserves, librarians are being added as course builders in the Brightspace course site to allow for convenient e-reserve setup. The benefits of this option include:

  • Eliminates issues relating to external software incompatibility

  • Your students will not require outside websites or alternate passwords to access the e-reserves.

  • Whenever possible subscription database links will be provided. When materials are not available via electronic databases materials will be scanned and uploaded to the e-reserve folder.

All materials submitted for e-reserves will be analyzed using Fair Use guidelines. In the event materials cannot be added, librarians will work with faculty to provide alternate solutions.

‚ÄčAs always, materials posted in the e-reserve folder will be removed at the end of each semester. Repeated use of materials may violate Fair Use guidelines and therefore must be considered each semester they are used. Please consider using licensed UMA databases for additional course materials as they already contain copyright clearances.

How do I get started?

Please contact Brenda Sevigny-Killen at 207-621-3351 or email for detailed information and requests.