HGH 301 - Holocaust: From Prejudice to Genocide

A resource guide for scholarship and sources geared toward assignments in HGH 301 in the study of the Nazi Holocaust


Welcome to the HGH 301 resource guide for scholarship and sources in the study of Holocaust.

To begin your HGH 301 research, continue reading below, and use the lefthand navigation bar to locate a range of primary and secondary sources available to you both through UMA Libraries and freely on the web.

For a general introduction to research in the study of history, please visit the History Research Guide.

For ideas beyond the 10-12 page research paper, check out "Project Suggestions" on the HTY 105 page.

Introduction to scholarship and research on the Nazi Holocaust

To help brainstorm ideas for research, or to establish a basic understanding of topics relevant to the Nazi Holocaust, consult the following resources:

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