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Generative AI: Artificial Intelligence - Large Language Models

A guide to generative AI (artificial intelligence) and its impact on higher education.

Artificial Intelligence


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Image Attribution: LaMDA conversation technology: Google

"LaMDA is short for Language Model for Dialog Application. In other words, it’s a machine learning language model that’s specifically designed to generate natural dialogue. Machine learning methods allow computers to discover patterns and relationships in data. So, for example, you can “train” a machine-learning algorithm such as GPT-3 (another generative AI technology) on all of the works of Shakespeare and then have it generate new original texts that read like Shakespeare" (Butler, 2022).


Butler, S. (2022, June 23). What is Google's LAMDA AI, and why does a google engineer believe it's sentient? How. Retrieved January 11, 2023, from

"Godfather of Artificial Intelligence" on the impact and potential of AI

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