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Information Literacy Micro-Credential/Badge

Information about the UMS Informaiton Literacy Badge and how to earn it

Information Literacy Digital BadgeUMS Information Literacy badge logo

UMA Libraries now have an Information Literacy digital badge for UMF students. The Information Literacy Micro-Credential is just one of the UMS List of Micro-Credentials you can choose earn to build a portfolio of digital badges.


What Is A Digital Badge?

A badge or micro-credential is a digital certificate that can be earned through the completion of a series of tasks. Once the badge is earned, it can be displayed on professional networks or digital portfolios to highlight your knowledge and skills. A digital badge can be a great way to show potential employers evidence you have essential skills and competencies that are not reflected in an academic transcript.

What Is Information Literacy?

Being information literate means that you can:

  • identify when you need information,
  • know where to look for answers, and
  • can evaluate information and choose the best resources for your needs.

The UMS Information Literacy Badge aligns with the American Library Association’s Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education and the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.

Why Is It Important?

There is so much information available -- any time, anywhere -- but quality and accuracy can vary. You need to know how to find and evaluate information to ensure what you use is valid and trustworthy.

Being information literate means you have the ability to thinking critically, make informed choices, and can problem-solve -- essential skills that are highly valued by employers. Earning a digital badge in information literacy will help you demonstrate you've got the right skills to succeed!

How Do I Get Started?

There are three steps to earn the Information Literacy Micro-Credential. You can complete just the first one and earn a Level 1 micro-credential or complete all three levels to earn the full badge.

For more about the badge and to enroll to begin Level 1, go to the About The Badge section of this guide.

To learn more about the skills covered and the tasks that must be completed for each one, check out the Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 sections of this guide.

More Information?

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