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ELL Guide

A guide for ELL (English Language Learners) at the University of Maine at Augusta


Beside is a preposition that means "next to."  Besides is a preposition that can mean "in addition to" or "except for."  Besides can also serve as an adverb meaning "furthermore."  

Here are some examples of beside and besides used in sentences.  

I have completed all of my general education requirements BESIDES math.   The speaker has completed all of the general education requirements except for math.  

I am so lucky that my best friend’s lives in the dorm room right BESIDE mine.   The speaker's best friend lives next to them.  

When I learned that my best friend was living so close, I was BESIDE MYSELF with joy.   The speaker was really happy the best friend was living so close.  

BESIDES my best friend, I did not know anyone in the program before I started.   The speaker did not know anyone other than their best friend when they entered the program.   

BESIDES the increased job opportunities I will have from my degree, I also believe I will have really learned a lot and grown intellectually.   In addition to the increased job opportunities, the speakers also believes they have grown intellectually.  

I did not even know there was a table with free coffee for students RIGHT BESIDE the water fountain I fill my water bottle up at nearly every day.   The speaker is surprised they never noticed the table with coffee because it is literally right next to (very close) to the water fountain they use regularly.  

I was BESIDE MYSELF with amazement when my mom told me that I shouldn’t worry about getting my paper done in time.  I could not believe it.   The speaker was really surprised by the advice their mom gave.   

I need to remember to not put my coffee BESIDE my computer ever again–I learned that lesson the hard (and expensive) way!  The speakers reminds themself never to put their coffee next to the computer again because apparently they spilled it on their computer before, ruining it.  

You need to sign your name BESIDE where your name is typed on the form.   Your signature goes beside your typed name on the form.  

I do not have anything to sign my name with on the paperwork BESIDES this pencil–will that work?  The speaker has nothing other than a pencil to sign their name with and wonders if that will be sufficient.  

One on hand, it is great that I live BESIDE bus stop because it is convenient; on the other hand, it is noisy living BESIDE the bus stop because there is constantly traffic and activity.   The speaker weights the pros and cons of living next to the bus stop.  

It is hard to concentrate in class because my desk is RIGHT BESIDE the heater, which is always making a lot of noise.  The speaker is having difficulty concentrating in close because they are next to (very close to) the heater.  

I did every assignment for class BESIDES the extra credit.  The speaker did every assignment for class except the extra credit assignment.  

The class has a heavy workload this week.  BESIDES the discussion board posts, we also have to turn in a big essay and take a quiz.  In addition to the discussion board post, there is also a big essay and quiz due this week.   

I don’t understand where my phone could be; I always sit it BESIDE my textbook.  The speaker usually puts their phone next to their textbook.  


Beside/Besides Quiz 

Fill in the blank with either beside or besides.  

  1. I also like to sit ________________________   my best friend.  

  2. _______________ my best friend, I have a couple of other friends in class.  

  3. I was _______________  myself with joy when I learned my best friend was in the class.  

  4. I was _______________ myself with disappoint when I learned my best friend dropped the class.  

  5. I have completed  all of my general education requirements _________________  physical science.  

  6. It is easy for me to study because my dormitory is right _____________  the library.  

  7. And after I study, I can go eat because the cafeteria is _________  the library on the other side.   

  8. And after I eat, it is easy for me to workout because the gym is _________________   the cafeteria.  

  9.  __________  the library, I also like to study outside on the green when it is warm outside.  

       10.   _______________  my roommate, she is my closest friend at the university. 

Beside/Besides Quiz Answers 

  1. Beside   2.  Besides   3.  Beside  4.  Beside  5.  Besides   6. Beside  7.  Beside   8.  Beside  9.  Besides   10.  Besides   


Beside/Besides Exercise 

Write two sentences:  one using beside and the other using besides.   









Accessibility Statement
The University provides reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities upon request. Any person with a disability who needs accommodations for a workshop should contact UMA Libraries at to submit a request. Due to the lead-time needed to arrange certain accommodations, individuals should submit their request no later 1 week before the event.