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ELL Guide

A guide for ELL (English Language Learners) at the University of Maine at Augusta

To Cash Meaning

"Cash" is commonly used as a noun to refer to some element of physical currency.  

The business is "cash-only."  In other words, the business only accepts cash and does not accept other forms of payments such as checks or credit cards.   

Do you have any cash on you?  In other words, do you have dollar bills on you?  

But cash can be used as verb as well, usually in specific situations, to mean change one form of non-cash currency into cash.  

For instance:  I went to the bank and cashed my check.  In other words, I went to the bank and exchanged my check for cash.  


To Cash In Meaning

To Cash Out Meaning

Accessibility Statement
The University provides reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities upon request. Any person with a disability who needs accommodations for a workshop should contact UMA Libraries at to submit a request. Due to the lead-time needed to arrange certain accommodations, individuals should submit their request no later 1 week before the event.