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What even is CSE Style?

"CSE" stands for "Council of Science Editors." Formerly known as "CBE," CSE format citation style is designed to be used for citing resources in the natural and physical sciences. For more information about CSE Style, visit the CSE Style website.

The CSE style has several unique requirements, so be sure to check your citations carefully. A few things to note about CSE style:

  • There are two systems with CSE style: Name-Year and Citation-Sequence. Be sure to be informed if your professor has a preference, and use the same system consistently throughout your work.
  • Unlike most citation styles, there are no commas between an author's last name and first name 
  • You must include the number of pages of a book at the end of a book citation
  • You must abbreviate journal titles (see below).

Helpful CSE Guides

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