ILS 312 - Introduction to Archives and Manuscript Collections

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Anastasia S Weigle
University of Maine/Augusta
Jewett Hall
Room 187
Augusta, ME 04330

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Cultural heritage institutions such as libraries, archives, and museums gather, preserve, and interpret the record of human thought, word, and action. Students will be provided with an introduction to the theories and practices of the beginning archivist such as provenance and original order. Students read and discuss basic archival principles such as appraisal, arrangement, and description of institutional and historical records in library and museum collections as well as learn the practical side of archival work such as processing and preserving collections, organization, and accessibility. Students read and discuss the evolution of archival theory and practice and read case studies while building a robust archival vocabulary. Lastly, the electronic age has challenged archival practices in regard to provenance and original order. Discussion on Electronic archives or “Born Digital” archives will be covered.